Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not all bad news for Gordon

One of the most intelligent bloggers out there is Snowflake 5 - she is something of a collector of unconsidered trifles in the way she picks up on interesting details that others miss.

She's spotted an intriguing little fact about an otherwise depressing Populous poll. After ten years in the job, two thirds of those polled have a positive view of Gordon Brown's Chancellorship. When it comes to the accusations of Stalinism, then 39% reckon that he's just being tough and demonstrating his vision, with only a quarter thinking that he's behaved improperly. 25% also think that increasing taxes on large cars is wrong, while almost half thought he was right and another quarter thought that he should have gone further. Voters have clear views about Gordon and they aren't as negative as some polls would have you believe. As Snowflake 5 points out - a tough, strong PM with Tory leanings might just be enough to encourage that Conservative electoral apathy that has benefitted Labour for more than a decade.

Elsewhere, Don Paskini reminds us that Gordon has been a quietly redistributive Chancellor. For all the Tory accusations of subterfuge, this sleight of hand has been a trick worthy of a fine magician. The poorest 20% in society have seen income rise by 12%, funded by a 6% slice taken from the top ten percent. While this may have slowed the widening of the wealth gap and inequality, it hasn't stopped it - the rich are still getting richer.

Two bloggers well worth reading.


Praguetory said...

Not all bad news? Bit like telling someone they're not that ugly. A hollow endorsement, PH. Also, loving the election tactics - encouraging apathy. Is that a Labour strong point?

snowflake5 said...

Hey, thanks for the kind comments!