Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Silencing opposition

The Tories and the Liberal Democrat Regressive Partnership achieved what many thought impossible. They gagged Sir Albert Bore. There are some who wished that it could have been achieved during his marathon speech during the budget debate last week, but I digress.

For years, the opposition have been allowed a response to the Budget plans announced in the free council newspaper, but this week, the council wheeled out the lawyers and decided that Sir Albert and Salma Yacoub's submissions were both too political and promptly banned them. First rule of media management - nothing grabs the headlines like a ban. Curiously, the council lawyers saw nothing wrong in a headline announcing that the budget came from the 'Conservative-Liberal Democrat Progressive (sic) Partnership' or phrases like 'the Progressive Partnership continued to bring about immense change in the city....' (sadly, not for the better)

It was not always thus, as these pictures from The Voice in 2003 illustrate.
Nothing political in either page, I'm sure you'll agree.
Is there no end to Whitless' incompetence?


Freddie said...

It was clearly Scotch mist I saw then, when I read 'Respect's Response to The Budget' ...

Lord Saxondale said...

I thought this thread was about the silencing of Conservative activist Paul Burke in Shard End and then I read this drivel.

Tell you what, why don't you take a punt and publically question Mirza Ahmed's integrity as a public servant. If you think you are being hard done by council officers - run the risk of litigation and start making some accusations.

The fact is that Mr Ahmed has INDEPENDENTLY verified Sir Albert's (and Ms Yacoob's) pieces and has considered them to be out of order.

Nothing to do with censorship at all.

Brummie Tory said...

Well said Saxonadele!!!

The piece that 'The Bore' wrote is not political at all is it PH?

Like hell, have you even read it?

here it is: