Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sitting on the Trident fence

Political Penguin picks up on a Lib Dem still claiming to be winning here over the Trident issue. (Hat tip to Bob Piper)

Colin Ross campaigned for the Lib Dems to scrap Trident - here's what he had to say about replacing Trident in any way - even the proposed policy from the Minger - who had to be wheeled out to ensure that the faithful would vote the right way.
The answer is simple - the answer is no. No to Trident, No to son of Trident and No to any so called Independent Nuclear Deterrent. I am opposed to the UK having any nuclear weapons. I understand some people are in favour - this half-way position surely annoys everyone. For me it is simply wrong and those in favour will see it as being weak.

So, what does he say now that the Lib Dems have voted to keep a nuclear weapons capability? Does he stand by his principles or does he do the usual trick?

The motion that passed is an improvement on our current position.

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Anonymous said...

But is it not factually correct that it is an improvement on their previous policy.

It may be correct (but I don't know) that he opposed the motion but can still view it as an improvement?

Has anyone asked him?