Sunday, March 25, 2007

Switched Toff

Channel Four.


Monday 26 March.

Set your VCRs, Sky + boxes or HD recorders and witness Peter Hitchens (the real one) taking Dishy Dave and his new principles apart.
Robin Harris, director of the Conservative Research Department under Mrs. Thatcher, who gave Cameron his first job, says: "I think that David Cameron is an out-and-out opportunist ... I don't believe that David Cameron believes anything." He reveals that Cameron obtained his first job with the help of a phone call to Conservative Central Office from a Royal Equerry at the palace.
And actually, it is all Iain Dale's fault.
It was not until September 2005, half-way through the leadership campaign, that Cameron began to push a modernizing agenda -and then only because he was facing defeat at the hands of David Davis.
Iain, you will recall, was Davis' campaign manager. [UPDATE: Iain has commented that he wasn't Basher's campaign manager, Andrew Mitchell held that particular poisoned chalice. So perhaps it wasn't all Iain's fault. E&OE as always.]

Wonderful choice to get Peter to deconstruct the Tory revival - he'll illustrate the deep concerns within the party about the political direction that Cameron is taking. However, I still maintain that the Tories are now so desperate for power that they will put up with virtually anything as long as it might lead to a majority.


Anonymous said...

Any preditions for May yet?

Iain Dale said...

Sigh. I asn't his campaign manager. Andrew Mitchell MP was.

Freddie said...

HoHo PH. I remember back in the mid-90's when tories used to presuade themselves that New Labour couldn't last because no one really believed in it; it was personality driven; it was riven with internal splits etc. etc.

You keep on deluding yourself.

PoliticalHack said...

I'm not deluded in the slightest, but the problems of the Labour Party should be an indicator of the problems that might yet affect the Tory party. Besides, the voters still need to be convinced that the leopard has indeed changed its spots and become a meek pussycat ready to roll over and play, rather than rip your head off.

Freddie said...

Marvellous. The more aggressively he's attacked by the loony right, the easier it is for the punters to see he's a centrist. Personally, I await the resignation of the tory whip by Tebbit with glee - that'll be our 'clause 4 moment'.

Anonymous said...

Iain was his chief of staff

PoliticalHack said...

Freddie - I think you are right. Cameron is almost seeking a definitive moment that marks a break with the old Tory party. So far, he's lacked the courage or support to do it, but I'm sure he'd love a big display of standing up to his party over the next twelve months.

Anonymous - thank you for the correction. I knew Iain was in there somewhere.

JRD168 said...

Oh, it was great to see Tebbit practically spitting feathers about the new "centrist" tories. how I laughed...