Friday, April 06, 2007

Normal service has been resumed...

Well, perhaps not normal. Blogging will be light until after the local elections - there are things more important than my keyboard.

I've not been dodging blogging for the past week - no matter what some of the commentators say. I've simply not had time to comment.

As far as John Tyrell's resignation and conversion to Socialist Labour goes, I respect anyone who chooses to leave the party over matters of principle. There have been difficult issues over the past decade or so - abandoning Clause IV, tuition fees and, especially, the Iraq War. Any of those could be enough for someone to leave the party - and people have done that.

It wasn't one of those big issues that caused John to leave. He's sent his membership card back over differences with the regional party over the selection of a council candidate in his ward. Not only that, but within hours of his resignation, he's standing for the Socialist Labour Party in his ward, in a move that could deprive the people of Handsworth Wood of a Labour councillor and split the vote to allow a Tory or a Lib Dem through the gap.

And that's something I'm sure he wouldn't want to see.


Anonymous said...

Agree he may let torys in but the lib dems in the wood!!! thats a bit much of a tall ask i think

Richard said...

If anybody is responsible for more Tory/LD councillors it is Sir Albert Bore aka 'Mr Invisible'.