Saturday, April 07, 2007

Runners and Riders

Those of you interested will find a full list of parties and candidates for the May electoral round in Birmingham here. The list has the usual suspects from the Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems, with the Greens and the BNP also managing to field a full slate. Respect puts eight candidates up for election and UKIP manage to find nine, with a handful of National Front, New Nationalist Party and independents on the lists. The Peoples Justice Party even put a candidate into the field, demonstrating that not all of their supporters agreed to the merger with the Liberal Democrats (the reverse is also true).

Fascists in Shard End will be particularly spoilt for choice in where they allocate their prejudices, as the BNP, the NNP (Sharon Ebanks' ego) and the NF are all fielding candidates. For those possessed of a slightly less droolingly rabid xenophobia, there's even a UKIP candidate.

So, they're off. (Barring any last minute withdrawals)


Brummie Tory said...

So, any predictions PH?

PoliticalHack said...

I predict a certain victory for Labour across all 40 wards.

I'm not going to be drawn on specifics and feed the campaigners, but I suspect that the map won't look massively different on May 4.

aswiftkick said...

Sharon Ebankss tiny little party is having more impact than its size (only six candidates nationally) would suggest.
With the NNP standing in the four most favourable Birmingham seats for the BNP, she has almost certainly stopped them winning in the city by splitting the nazi vote.
A reporter friend of mine told me Ebanks admitted none of her candidates can win but she seemed pleased that they would block her old 'kamarade' in the BNP.
Mind you she also claimed the NNP has second biggest membership for a nazi (nationalist) party in the country and that also she was in talks with two other far-right parties about merging so as to challenge the BNP for the racist vote.
But then if you read her rantings on her NNP website and Stormfront, the American hosted nazi site, you realise that she isn't quite the full 'Riechmark' and the truth and her are sometimes, like the Queen and Phil the Greek, separate bedmates.

Simon said...

My predictions:

Con gain from Lab:

Kings Norton

Lab gain from LD:


LD gain from Lab:

Bordesley Green
Hodge Hill

No gains for the minor parties. Long may infighting between fascists continue.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Simon, save that I think Tyburn and Kingstanding may well be closer than many have been assuming.

Freudian Slip said...

This is exciting! Anyone could win :)