Thursday, May 10, 2007

Do not forsake me...

High Noon in Sedgefield and the end of an era.

Thanks for the joy of 1997, the success of 2001 and the record third win in 2005.

If it hadn't been for that disastrous decision to invade Iraq, we might greet your departure with more regret than relief.

But now, we have the chance to make a new start. We'll have a seven week campaign for the leadership, which Gordon will win, and the same campaign with a much wider field for the deputy's post. I've already nailed my colours to the Jon Cruddas mast, as I believe that our future success starts with the basic building blocks of the party - the grassroots membership. If we don't reconnect with them, then we won't win the next election.


Freddie said...

Ho, ho, ho. It's posts like this that make me more and confident we're gone kick you to kingdom come at the next election.

You lot just don't get it. Tony won because we was the complete antithesis of third raters like Jon Cruddas. You don't win by 'going back to your roots' - that's what the Bennites had you doing. You win by breaking out into new electoral territory.

Anyway, glad you'll ignore my advice. Just as we're reaching out to new voters, you lot are retreating to your (grass) roots. Roll on polling day!

PoliticalHack said...

I don't think I'm suggesting a return to the political suicide of the Bennites.

We do need to revive the party membership, because that's the way we win elections at all levels and when they are energised, the Tories are in trouble.

Make no mistake, the next election will be a fight, but we'll have policies to throw at the intellectual lightweights of the Tories.

Freddie said...

It's certainly going to be a close fight. I sincerely hope your Mr Cruddas wins the deputy leadership.

Meanwhile, I look forward to Tony's memoirs; Reid's memoirs; Alistair Campbell's memoirs etc. etc. and all the related anonymous briefings and Thatcher-like refusal to accept they're no longer in power from the Blair camp, that are going to dog Brown right up to polling day. It's 1992-95 all over again.

Laban said...

It'll be interesting to see a Cruddas deputy leadership hanging round GBs neck in an albatross style, though I wonder if the DL is as important as it was in the days of the Benn/Healey battle.

It'll be hard for GB to make the obligatory tough noises on immigration/asylum/social cohesion while JC's campaigning for a million illegals to be 'regularised'.

Louis said...

Are Freddie and Laban both idiots? The deputy leader should always be someone who links up the leadership with the grassroots.

Why do you think John Prescott was deputy leader for so long? He was hardly a Blair clone, but was part of a partnership which won three elections.

Laban said...

I don't think you got my point, Louis. I completely accept that Cruddas will be a link to the "roots", but unlike Prescott he actually seems to have an ideology of sorts - hence my Benn/Healey reference.

What's telling is that JP, with all his faults, was Old Labour through and through, a last link with the Britain of industry (yes, I know his background). Cruddas represents the new "roots" - the middle class social worker/lecturer/state functionary.