Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mr Toad Rides Again!

No news yet as to whether Mickey Whitless has managed to scam a free car out of Nanjing Automotive yet, but he couldn't wait to grab the headlines. No, he hasn't gone into the Big Brother house - although that can only be a matter of time - he was the first one to drive a new MG off the 'production' line at Longbridge. If that doesn't doom the car, nothing will.

There was all that fuss last week over the collected Lord Mayors objecting to Whitby's aggregation of power and attention into the Leader's office disappeared when the planned constitutional change was amended from giving the Leader primacy over the Lord Mayor in matters in his 'lawful domain' to the simpler definition of matters in the 'interest' of the Leader. As Iron Angle pointed out, that actually broadens the range of subjects over which the political leader takes precedence. James North, Whitless' brain, and his cohorts were swift to blame the chief legal officer for being over-officious. I still don't understand why the constitution needed to be changed. Was there a problem with the Lord Mayor stepping on the Leader's turf? Have their offices been fighting over publicity?

The only reason to force that change through is to allow the Leader - and Mike Whitless in particular - greater personal publicity. It just shows how supine the councillors in the Progressive Partnership are - particularly the Liberal Democrats - to ensure that the ego of one man is allowed to run free and unfettered.

Sadly for Birmingham, Whitless will increasingly be the voice and face of our City.

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