Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Vote early, vote once

So, 7am tomorrow looms and the real voting starts. I like the ceremony of the voting process - I don't like postal votes because it reduces it to nothing more than paying a bill or answering a survey. Putting a cross in the box is my chance to make my views known and I've voted in every election where I've had the chance since I was 18. Tomorrow, I'll walk up to the local school with my family to cast our votes - we've always gone together, so the kids understand the importance of voting and the need to make it a habit.

For me, it isn't just a hard-won right, but also a civic duty. The sight of the people of South Africa queuing for hours to make sure that they had their say in that country's first free election brought a tear to my cynical old eye (not THAT old, at that point, to be honest). If you don't vote, you don't have the right to whinge. Tomorrow, a third of the Birmingham electorate is expected to cast their votes for their councillors, so it could mean that just 10% or so of the people living in your ward decide who will spend four years representing you on those benches in the Council House. I don't think that's good enough, so do me a favour.

Whatever else you do tomorrow, make a difference - get out and vote. Polling stations are open 7am - 10pm and you don't need your polling card to vote. Just turn up, tell the clerk your address and they'll sort you out.

As for which party - if you don't know the drill by now, you haven't been paying attention.

Blogging has been light over the past few weeks because of the campaign, but I should return with an overall assessment of the results on Friday morning or afternoon - depending on when I surface after a long sleep. Election day is always a long day and usually kicks off at dawn and runs through until the wee small hours of the next day.
Good luck to the 40 comrades across the City.


Richard Allen said...

I share your views on postal voting and IMO postal votes should only be available to those who actually need them. Casting your vote should be a meaningful act not a trivial task.

Simon said...

Another good reason to vote here is that, going by last year's elections, thousands of people who do vote will be voting for the BNP, and we need sensible people to cancel them out.