Thursday, May 24, 2007

What's Margaret Hodge up to?

And more importantly, will she stop it?

Small Town Scribbles lets her own clunking fist fly. Even the Blairite Alan Johnson has been moved to criticise.

Look Margaret, immigrants don't get priority over indigenous people (BNP-speak for 'white' by the way). We prioritise on the basis of need. As Scribbles points out, we can deal with the issue not by attacking migrants/asylum seekers and pandering to the worst elements of the Daily Express/Daily Mail readership (the ones who aren't totally focussed on Diana). It isn't about changing priorities to decide who gets one of our depleted stocks of council houses - it should be about building more houses.

The MP for Barking. True on so many counts.


Pugin said...

Clearly, politicalhack and I are rarely going to agree. But i do agree that Margaret Hodge is "Barking". Her remarks though not well thought out do resonate with many.
It is for the labour party and particularly Jaqui Smith as Chief Whip to show this is not acceptable.
Perhaps the real reason for this outburst is to save her seat at the next general election. As a councillor she has a tainted history and these remarks just show she has learnt nothing.

Anonymous said...

M Hodge never thinks before she opens her mouth, your previous comment is quite right the woman foolishly believes that her racist outburst will win her votes and save her seat.
Dream on M Hodge