Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Brown Meme - Got to be Gordon

I don't usually play in these 'tag' games, but this is a little fun from some Tories....

Two things Gordon Brown should be proud of.

Just two?

  • Massively increased funding for the NHS
  • Sustained funding for education
I can remember how it used to be. (God, I feel old). I've made the point before, but the showpiece Patients' Charter from the last Tory government promised treatment within 18 months. Labour will promise and deliver treatment within 18 weeks. As far as education goes, I can also remember how it was for schools in the 80s - scratching for money for books and buildings. Labour has opened more new schools in the past five years than in the previous 25 put together. We've opened over 1000 schools and over 1200 Children's Centres as well.

Two things he should apologise for.

  • The invasion of Iraq was a mistake. Not his decision ultimately, but he signed the cheques and was a senior government figure. Somebody also has to carry the can for shaping the intelligence to fit the policy, which was entirely unacceptable behaviour.
Two things he should do immediately when he becomes PM
  • Scrap ID cards. They won't work and will to be this government's Poll Tax.
  • Initiate an immediate plan to extract all UK forces from Iraq. I opposed te war, but I believe that we do have a responsibility to the Iraqi people for trying to put right what we broke. Sadly, I think that the evidence suggests that the British forces are part of the problem, rather than the solution and that Iraq needs to find its own way. This will be bloody and I don't like abandoning the good people there, but I can honestly see no other way.
Two things he should do while he's PM
  • When reforming public services - listen to the front line. Whether it is the NHS, the police or education - ask those at the sharp end how things are working and what needs to be done.
  • Allow councils to invest in new build social housing. People tend to prefer renting from the council and we should be able to provide good quality affordable homes - with a prohibition on tenants buying them for at least ten years. This will take the heat out of the housebuying market and would need to be managed to ensure that prices don't collapse precipitously, but we need more housing.
  • And there's a third thing - win the next election. It can be done - it must be done. We've won a huge victory in that the Tories are now coming on to our turf to fight - they realise that people value the NHS and things like parental rights.

Anyone else have any thoughts?


Praguetory said...

Cheers for this.

Just wanted to question your stats on schools. See table 1 of this report which shows a fall in all types of schools. Am I missing something?

Bob Piper said...

Sadly the Tory Ghost Cabinet Member cannot comprehend the difference between opening 'new' schools and building 'extra' schools (why am I not surprised?). I presume uour point, Hack, is that we didn't need more schools but to replace and renew the stock that had fallen into disrepair during the 18 years of Tory neglect.

PoliticalHack said...

Exactly right, Cllr Piper. We actually need fewer schools as there are fewer children coming through in cohorts.