Thursday, June 28, 2007

Farewell, so long, auf wiedersehen, goodbye

And with a final flourish, he was gone.

Like any great performer, he took his standing ovation and left the stage with remarkable grace after a final, bravura appearance. I've said it often before - we'll miss him now he's gone. At least we were spared the Thatcher-style eviction from No 10 - he (largely) got to choose the time and manner of his going.

How often has he wanted to respond to some convoluted question as he did to Lib Dem Richard Younger-Ross' involved query over the relationship between church and state:
I'm not really bothered about that one.

Probably the most touching were the good wishes from that old warhorse Ian Paisley, hoping for success in Blair's task in resolving the Middle East problem. Cameron handled the whole thing very well - not seeking a fight with the outgoing PM (what would be the point?), but appearing magnanimous in getting his party to applaud Blair out of the House.

And so it all begins again.

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