Monday, June 18, 2007

The long goodbye

I have a theory about Brummie Tory's swift departure from the blogging scene, which got a mention in Iron Angle (where did he get that story? Hi, Paul) this week.

You see, I'm wondering whether the BT has an eye on a council seat - he turns 18 soon enough and would be eligible to stand. Perhaps a new model Tory party might be duped into selecting a callow youth to demonstrate how vibrant and forward-thinking they are and how they are down wid der kids. But then, perhaps he felt that his blog might prove damaging to his prospects. (No, I don't buy the exam story either - why not just suspend posting for a while?)

Well, a little bird tells me that there might be an opportunity knocking in the safe Tory seat of Sutton Four Oaks - if they could be persuaded to tolerate somebody under the age of retirement. Apparently, Cllr Peter Howard has put the leadership on notice that if Whitless stays as leader, Cllr Howard will throw in the towel in 2008. Naturally, there is another option - he might be dissuaded if he is offered a decent job, but the chances of this outcome are reduced by the rumours of plots to depose the Dear Leader.

So, BT - go to it.

Another of my respected sources has surfaced to suggest that Cllr Howard may be hanging on to his seat yet - he's being lined up to chair the West Midlands Fire & Rescue Authority (and pocket the £15,000 allowance that goes with that post) as the Tories have abandoned the partnership they had with Labour over the past few years and have ensured that they have a majority on the executive committee.

Still BT, get yourself on the square and learn the funny handshake and you might yet be OK.


Brummie Tory said...

18 next Monday, rock n' roll!

Anonymous said...

I'm honoured to see that you describe me as an "respected" source, but I think I said that Labour had a deal with the Lib Dems to rule the Fire Authority for the past 3 years, not the Tories!