Sunday, June 10, 2007

Millionaire funds Labour Party Shock

It seems that John Hemming, Lib Dem MP for Yardley, is a member of the Musicians' Union and has, unaccountably, agreed to pay the political levy (which goes straight to the always-hungry coffers of the Labour Party), so gets a vote in the deputy leadership election. Naturally, it isn't his fault that a Liberal Democrat is secretly funding the Labour Party, he claims it was an oversight caused by the the small print, although you would have to be spectacularly stupid to realise that you weren't supporting the Labour Party by paying into a union's political fund.

Like Bob Piper and others, I'm more than happy to see some of Cllr Hemming's cash flowing into the party bank accounts, but there's an interesting follow up. The ballot paper from my union includes the following statement, to which I have to agree to cast a valid vote:
'I support the policies and principles of the Labour Party and am not a member or supporter of any organisation opposed to it and pay a political subscription to the body that issued this ballot paper.'

If John casts his votes for the deputy leader, I'll get the membership papers to him by first-class post. I'm not sure the party will let him join, but it could be fun trying.

Of course, I'm sure that a fine upstanding opponent of electoral fraud wouldn't lie on a ballot paper.

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