Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two Nation Conservatism

On the one hand, we have Dave Cameron arguing in favour of flexible working for all parents - nice to see that he's caught up with the Labour Party, as this is a policy I fully expect to see brought in under a Brown administration. I am cheered by this change of heart, as I'm more used to seeing the Tories criticise any shift in favour of workers' rights because of the effect it might have on business. Remember that they opposed the minimum wage.

On the other hand, we have the unreconstructed Tory Cllr Bill Archer in Sandwell, who was a little less supportive when a fellow councillor (who coincidentally happens to be a Labour member) took paternity leave to be with his wife who has just given birth. Archer described it as 'unacceptable' according to The Stirrer.
'I’m old fashioned I know, but do we have to cancel council business until he’s ready?... My wife had four children but we just got on with it... Personally I can’t accept that a councillor isn’t available for duty. I think it’s a bit unfair on the electors. It’s not the council’s fault he’s having another child... He’s vice chair of the Wednesbury town committee. If the wives of all the other councillors got pregnant, would that mean that it would just have to stop doing its job?'

Dave, sometimes the donkeys just won't be led, will they? One day, they will drag Bill into the twentieth century - any more progress would be too much to ask.

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