Thursday, July 19, 2007

..and they inhaled

So, Jacqui Smith isn't the only midnight toker in the government - Alastair Darling, Andy Burnham, Ruth Kelly (RUTH KELLY???), Hazel Blears have all joined the roll-up call with Vernon Coaker, Patsy Hewitt, Caroline Flint and Tony McNulty.

Does it matter? Nick Robinson's blog refers to a survey from earlier in the year which suggests that it doesn't - as over 80% of the electorate don't think that it matters if a politician smoked cannabis when young. I can't say I see it as a problem

David Cameron, of course, equivocated over allegations that he enjoyed the student life of the 80s to the full, saying only that:

'Everybody is entitled to a private history. I'm human enough to have done lots of things I shouldn't have ... I had a normal university experience, let's put it that way.'
That reticence didn't stop him trying to be embarrassingly 'down wit der kids' at a recent session in South London.
On a visit to a children's charity yesterday, the Tory leader was talking about skunk cannabis - and told how he had recently witnessed the arrest of youngsters
for drug possession while on a two-day patrol with police. Mr Cameron said:
"Before the bag was even open, the smell... unbelievably strong. Grown in greenhouses, this skunk is unbelievably powerful." Then hinting that he knows more about the subject than he should, he added: "And it is completely different to..." before pausing awkwardly and blustering: "I think I'll stop there." The teenagers roared with laughter as Mr Cameron tried to regain his composure to continue the session...

Ravey Davey isn't the only senior Tory born with a silver spoon up his nose in his mouth, but they all seem reticent about their youthful indiscretions....

For the record, although I was at university in the 80s, I never did anything so shameful as to join the Tory Party. Kids, remember that if some strange bloke approaches you on the street, just say no. Voting Tory can ruin your life.

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