Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bore 8 - Whitby 12

Great minds think alike (or fools rarely differ)...

While these Power Lists are hardly scientifically constructed, Whitless can't be happy to be sunning himself on his Caribbean beach and to be told that he's less powerful than the leader of the Labour opposition group of Birmingham council - a whole four places lower. While Mickey's Tory Central Office minder, James North, the eminence cerise behind the throne, gets in at number 40, there's no sign of Tilsley (who is even less powerful than the late Ken Hardeman, who was originally planned into the mix prior to his untimely death), nor yet for the real power in the Yellow Tories, John Hemming.


George Calthorpe said...

The only "Power" contest I recognise in Birmingham, is the one that took place last May.

This is the power ceded to the Progressive Partnership by the people of Birmingham, to be used for the improvement of Brummies' lives.

I think that's happening, don't you?

PoliticalHack said...

I'd like to see it happening. Sadly, it isn't.