Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Coming out fighting

David Cameron demonstrated that his days of Bullingdon Club destruction aren't that far behind him when he came out attacking those who have criticised him in recent days with the tried and tested method of playing the man and not the ball.

Ali Miraj, who has accused Cameron of 'gimmickry' and of being 'obsessed with PR' was viciously chopped down as Dave revealed that Ali had come to his office only yesterday to ask for a peerage - which had been denied him. The criticism was thus born of sour grapes, not a reasoned assessment of the past 19 months of Cameron's leadership. Ali used to be a friend during Dave's election campaign. I suspect that friendship is over - and people would be wise not to have private conversations with Cameron, as they clearly cannot rely on his discretion.

Dave was no less scathing of former Tory donor Lord Kalms, saying that he didn't know anything about the current state of the Conservative party, when the peer gave his leader some friendly advice. Even Graham Brady, the former front-bencher who resigned over the grammar schools issue, was accused of being wrong.

Then there's the Times poll showing that the Brown bounce is continuing. I did hear a Tory over the weekend claim that it wasn't so much a bounce as a recovery from the 'Blair blip' - which rather admits that normal service has been resumed at the poll-face, not that Brown is on a temporary high.

Today should have been all about schools policy, but it will be about the continuing woes of the leadership. I suspect that far from being a broadside designed to sink the critics, this will merely enrage them further and will distract from the policy announcements. Yet again, the PR-obsessed Tories have scored an own-goal by taking the focus off their own policies.

The Tories have been threatening a long hot summer, turning up the heat on Brown, but if this continues, the only one feeling a raised temperature could be the Boy David.

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George Calthorpe said...

LOL! As a "working-class" Brummie, why is it that I don't have the same class hatred than you do PH?

Still I don't blame you for your continued tirade against DC, I'd do the same if positions were reversed. However, I warn you, your party's comparisons of Cameron to the great "Kinnockio" are woefully misplaced.

As for Ali Miraj, what did John Major once say about the "dispossessed and the never-possessed"?

Maybe he can be elevated to Lords via Gordo's big tent.

I await his imminent enoblement!