Monday, July 09, 2007

Ealing Sunset

There's a by-election on in Ealing - a pretty safe seat that Labour should hold, but in by-election territory, anything can happen. Today, we had a rash of defections, with five Labour councillors heading to the Tories with one independent returning to Labour (and a senior Tory defected to the Lib Dems earlier on, just to add to the fun). Praguetory had some fun with this, attempting to label the Stirrer as a Labour mouthpiece for having the temerity to carry information supplied by Tom Watson MP, who is running the Labour campaign on the ground.

Amazingly enough, although Praguetory has criticised Labour's selection process, the Tories selected Tony Lit, a director of Sunrise Radio and a man who has a long record of service to the Conservative Party been a member for a couple of weeks. Apparently, his directorship prevented his involvement earlier (that didn't stop his father in 2001), although nobody has yet found the part of the law that would have prevented membership. Unity gives it the once over and finds that not all the Tories are happy - particularly those long-serving activists who thought that they should have had a decent chance to run (it appears that this was a deal done very swiftly).

Tony is, of course, not his real name and there is nobody of that name registered to vote in Ealing or Chiswick (where Tony actually lives - despite one potential Tory candidate being told that an Ealing resident was being selected). Tom Watson notes
It appears that almost the only time that the Conservative candidate is Tony Lit is when he is campaigning in Ealing and Southall. In Chiswick, where he claims to live, as in Richmond, where he used to live, it appears that he is Surinderpal Singh Lit. In his business directorships, he is sometimes Tony Surinderpal Lit, usually Surinderpal Singh Lit, and only occasionally (when working with Himalaya Shows, Events and Exhibitions Ltd) is he Tony Lit.
It seems that the Tories have learnt from the Lib Dems, who ran Parmjit Singh Gill in the Asian areas of Leicester, but the slightly-less Asian Parmjit Gill in the white-majority wards. Back then, Iain Dale was highly critical, calling this tactic racist. Clearly, that's a different issue from calling Surinderpal Singh Lit, Tony Lit.

Liberal Democrat Voice joins in the festivities and Sunny over at Pickled Politics draws out some interesting comments, with comments like this about the new Tory councillors:
I know enough to know that Gurcharan is an opportunistic trouble making fool.
This really is not a terrible thing for local Labour people. The bullying from this Sikh old boy and his pals was very offensive indeed. If they start doing it to Cameron I’ll be very happy about that. While Piara Khabra stood for a secular and united constituency Gurcharan Singh appears to stand for a separatist Sikh state, for becoming a candidate with menaces, for turbans over politics, for men over women.

Gurcharan Singh will stand for anything, he just wants a position of power. At one time he was even supporting the congress party, he doesn’t really care about human rights violations. He will jump on any bandwagon to get votes….hmm the tories sound like his kind of party


Praguetory said...

I enjoyed your defence of the Stirrer. "I don't think Adrian is *particularly* a mouthpiece for my lot." Much like when an ex-girlfriend told me that I wasn't that good-looking your words betray your actual thoughts.

Brummie Tory said...

I love watching elections like this because they fasinate me.

It's just like the election in Handsworth Wood this year really.

One thing that made me laugh is that on Saturday I had a phone call from a a school friend, who lives in Handsworth Wood. He told me that he was very unhappy with the Labour party for selecting a Hindu. He told me that he was now supporting the Conservative party, because we had selected a Sikh.

BUT on the evening I had another phone call from another friend from school, this time saying sorry to me because he could no longer support the Conservative party while the by-election was on due to the fact we had selected a Sikh and not a Hindu.

All this makes politics that tiny bit more exciting lol

Iain Dale said...

Desperate stuff. Tony Lit is known as Tony Lit all over the constituency, not just in some areas. The point about the LibDem candidate in Leicester South was that he was being promoted by the LibDems with one name in one part of the constituency and by another name in another part. Trust Tom Watson to pervert what I said.

Anonymous said...

Oh hack, oh Labour, how desperate you do become. Well watch out after next thursday you shall be even more desperate and even more out of touch