Sunday, July 15, 2007

The road to Damascus runs through Ealing

We all know that Tony Lit was a recent convert to Conservatism - joining the party a few days before he coincidentally beat all other long-serving candidates to get the nod for the Ealing Southall by-election, where he will be standing as one of David Cameron's Conservatives.

Who would have thought that just a few short weeks before, he was cheerfully attending a Labour party dinner and agreeing to his company handing over a cheque for £4800? Tom Watson shows us the money and the fine picture of Tony and Tony.

Uniquely, we appear to have a candidate so rich that he can afford to pay for the campaign against him as well as his own.

And Tony - don't forget that you still owe us another £4000. Don't be late in paying up.

Oh - and read this. Unity applies a judicious boot to the omnipresent Praguetory. Don't ever take the man on over Data Protection issues - he knows the game better than most and demonstrates that fact with verve and swearing.

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For a more sober look at the Southall by-elections, see: