Thursday, July 05, 2007

Whitless off-message?

According to a contributor to The Stirrer's messageboard, Dave Cameron has returned to Birmingham yet again. Can't the man leave us alone? At least we knew that Howard could be kept away by a few strategically-placed crucifixes and a little garlic, but the Boy Wonder is harder to shift.

Apparently, he's addressed a meeting and promised that should he ever sit on the government side of the House of Commons, all major cities will be compelled to hold referenda on the issue of elected mayors.

As everyone is well aware, Whitless is fighting tooth and nail to prevent the people from having their say, despite some serious opposition from respected figures within the Birmingham Tory party, so I'm sure he didn't feel undermined by his leader at all. Not even slightly.


Andy Howell said...

He's very persistent. I particularly liked his much vaunted over night stay with a local Balsall heath family - this turned out to be a large, family house on Raglan Road owned by a reasonably comfortably-off supermarket owner.

Louis said...

It is nice to see some national politicians taking an interest in the area... as opposed to the Labour leadership who seem to spend most of their time promoting Manchester.