Monday, August 06, 2007

Healey - still punching above his weight at 90

Denis Healey is a member of that exclusive club of Best-Prime-Ministers-We-Never-Had. The exact membership varies depending upon whom you ask, but in recent years, it has included John Smith and Michael Heseltine. As a combat veteran of the Second World War and of the bruising party battles of the early 80s, he's earned the right to say what he thinks:
[Brown's] got a very good brain - better than Blair's - and a very good sense of direction, which I think Blair didn't really have. Blair, in the end, was rather like Wilson: bullshit and nothing else, whereas Brown has a very solid understanding of what he's up to.
On David 'Dr Death' Owen
When he was born all the good fairies gave him every virtue: 'You'll be beautiful, you'll be intelligent, you'll have charm and charisma.' And the bad fairy came along and tapped him on the shoulder and said, 'But you'll be a shit.' That was his trouble.
Happy Birthday Denis. He'll be 90 on 30 August.

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Anonymous said... PM we've never had? Don't you remember the 70s?

Behave! LOL