Friday, August 31, 2007

The political cycle

Despite what the tabs and the Tories would have you believe, anarchy isn't rife in the UK.

They have been telling us the same story now for years and years, resulting in the Association of Chief Police Officers slapping them down in March 2005. ACPO are back again to criticise Cameron's attempt to scare us all into voting Tory (a measure of how desperate this man is)

Compare and contrast...
But Mr Jones told BBC Radio 4's Today programme people in the UK faced the lowest risk of being a victim of crime "for over a quarter of a century". He said he was therefore "baffled" by comments relating to high crime levels. "You talk about the London murder rate and it's a real problem, but if you look at similar cities in the US it's about five times lower. People are distorting the figures for their own ends... Mr Jones said the "vast majority" of people lived in "security-confident communities... There is a minority which don't and it is those that need our leadership, and they need people in leadership positions in politics, government and the media to actually show some leadership and be more calm and measured and objective over this,'

and (from 2005)

'The most recent crime figures demonstrate the success of the police service and its partners in reducing volume crime such as burglary and robbery. This has been achieved by focusing on crimes that concern communities most and on prolific and priority offenders. 'The risk of being of a victim is still at its lowest for 23 years. The British Crime Survey shows that crime has reduced over the last 10 years and that violent crime has remained stable. Notwithstanding the continued impact of the national recording changes that were implemented in 2002, our analysis of the rise in police recorded violent crime has shown that much of it represents low-level thuggery and alcohol fuelled violence. These offences, although taken seriously by the police and a priority for the future, result in minor or no physical injury but have inflated the recorded violent crime figures. 'If we want to increase the fear of crime, the selective use of statistics can help in doing that. However, we feel that it is important that all crime statistics - which forces publish regularly - should be put into context and communicated in a responsible way to the public.' [Emphasis added]

Same old Tories, same old spin.

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Freddie said...

Excellent. You keep on telling the punters that violent crime is falling when the evidence of their own eyes tells them the opposite. You lot are so out of touch that you'd believe any wishfully-thought guff rather than face the reality of the crime ridden ghettos you've allowed to develop.