Friday, August 03, 2007

Putting out the bins for the last time.

I'm taking a brief moment away from politics for a very good, if sad, reason. This week, the cynical guns of gossip sites Popbitch and Holy Moly fell uniquely quiet in tribute to a true original, known to regulars as the Rev Horatio Goatboy, who has left us. As a Popbitch regular, Hugo Rifkind, put it in The Times

People would like to pay tribute to a gossip legend and habitual resident of, who died this week. The name Goatboy will mean little to most, but plenty to many. Suddenly, there is less in this world that makes us go “arf”.

The Reverend had crammed a lot into his fifty years. He was a regular on the Motorhead road crew and had a stock of wonderful stories about life at the sharp end of rock. His trenchant views on new movie releases were the result of senses uncontaminated by actually seeing the films in question - 'It's shite.' Owing to a disagreement with the constabulary over some illegal substances, he had spent some time at the pleasure of Her Majesty and this experience provided another rich vein of stories (some unrepeatable inside the jurisdiction of English libel law). Various celebrities fell into his sights - and any excuse would do to rerun favourite pictures of Davina McCall and Judy Finnegan or . Sadly, he was never able to regale the PB crowd with his story of Jimmy Saville - largely because of restraint also imposed by those pesky libel laws.

He had many friends and many more acquaintances who were never lucky enough to meet him. Getting an approving comment from him mattered. So, if you read him and laughed, then drop by here and give a little to support the fight against Parkinson's Disease.

Goatboy - we'll miss you. And the Tin Foil Hat.

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