Friday, September 07, 2007

Back to the Conservative Future

It isn't only the Russians that are seeking to restart the Cold War, Cameron seems stuck in the early 80s himself. In that Sun comment piece quoted by Iain Dale, Dave unwisely laid into Gordon's dubious admiration of the Blessed Margaret with one of the daftest statements to come from a Tory leader since their last manifesto:
If we had listened to Gordon Brown no one would have been able to buy their own council house, unions would run the country and we'd probably be speaking Russian. [Emphasis added]
Yes Dave. Because Gordon was a secret agent for the KGB and wanted to see us run from Moscow Centre.

I don't know what Cameron was taking in the 80s, but Eton and Oxford must have been force-feeding him industrial-strength hallucinogens if he seriously believes that. That was the kind of insulting rubbish spouted by Young Conservatives at the time (and Michael Foot won damages after he was accused of being a Soviet agent-of-influence). It also mimics the attacks from the neo-cons in the US - accusing anyone who questions the President's policies of being unpatriotic.

The Boy is a fool and the sooner he runs off back to a nice safe job doing PR in the City, the better for us all.

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I'm back!