Monday, September 03, 2007

Bercow & Mercer

John Bercow has been semi-detached from even the current incarnation of the touchy-feely, NuTory Party for a while, so his involvement in a government forum is no great surprise - rumours of his imminent defection to our side circulate with alarming frequency. The same can't be said of Patrick Mercer, who resigned/was pushed from the Tory front bench only a few months ago.

I actually think that bringing Mercer on board is a mistake. Granted, security is an area where he has some expertise, but his error of judgement earlier in the year when he accused ethnic minority soldiers of hiding behind racial discrimination as a defence against poor performance doesn't sit well with me.

Needless to say, his former friends over at Iain Dale's Diary aren't quite so supportive today....


Anonymous said...

Mercer’s former friends over at Iain Dale's Diary have said little but the scales fall slowly from their eyes and perhaps one day they too will wake up and realise that Patrick Mercer is not quite the nice guy they all foolishly
believed him to be.

Mercer’s Benedict Arnold move to the Brown camp availed him of vengeance and the hope he could do himself some good, and when you get right down to it, all he ever really wanted was status and recognition and power.

Simon Icke said...

My constituency MP John Bercow's disloyalty was the main reason I stopped renewing my Conservative Party Membership as I observed him move further and further to the left and publicly declare his new liberal views. It comes as no surprise whatsoever that he has accepted a job with Gordon Brown and New Labour, following previous disloyalty to the Conservative party and it's leaders. I will never forget when he publicly 'stabbed' Ian Duncan Smith in the back after resigning his shadow post in such a way to cause IDS maximum damage. He is also the self appointed champion of the militant gay rights lobby even when his enthusiastic pursuit of the these rights have meant riding roughshod over religious peoples beliefs and values; as we saw recently with the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs). John Bercow supported the Government's undemocratic forced new regulations completely, which he clearly demonstrated with his letter to the Telegraph at the time and other public statements.

In my opinion John Bercow is not a man of conviction or has any real principles, nor, is he a man that shows loyalty to the Conservative Party or it's leaders, he is merely an opportunist MP that blows with every favourable wind, if that wind is a trendy liberal wind, all the better.

What does he have to do before his constituency officials realise that John Bercow is now more like a 'trendy left wing liberal' masquerading as a conservative. What does he have to do before they have the courage to deselect him and force him to stand under his true New Labour colours. Or is the only way to remove him as the MP for Buckingham to have a real conservative; someone with traditional conservative values and ideology, stand against him at the next election as an Independent Conservative?