Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cats in a sack

So here we are, ten years and counting into a Labour government.

The prison officers were on strike (briefly) last week, the police have been reported as thinking the same way, most of the London Underground system is closed because of another strike and what do the Tories decide to attack?

Each other.

Sheer, unadulterated brilliance on their part.

If there is any demonstration of their lack of fitness to govern, this has to be it. If it isn't Ancram kicking out at Cameron - and apparently now feeling rather sheepish about the furore that his little pamphlet has created, although as he had a media advisor to organise the launch, I suspect that it has achieved exactly what he wanted - he's not some novice in the game.

Iain Dale - mooted as a potential successor to Widders in Kent - is (hopefully tongue-in-cheek) promoting the execution by firing squad of poor old Michael Ancram.

Is that any way to treat one of the few surviving Tory dinosaurs?

The thing is, there's still an awful lot of Tory members who find Ancram's certainties quite appealing and cling to them for security - just read some of the comments on Guido, Iain Dale or Conservative Home and see for yourself. Cameron claims to represent a modernising wing of the party, certainly - but like a dinosaur, the brain at the top is tiny compared to the great lumbering mass beneath. I'm not going to forecast their demise, but the Tory revival is predicated on unity. Unless they act together - even if it means shutting up about policies with which they don't agree - they have no chance of forming a government.

Naturally, from my point of view, this is all to the good, but I happen to believe that a healthy opposition is essential for British politics.

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Freddie said...

It really won't be very long before you will have the chance to make the opposition as healthy as you like. Have you not glanced at the polls recently? Your 'bounce' has been as sustained as a sandcastle on Bournemouth beach and your new leader is too scared to call an election. The end is nigh for you and yours.