Monday, September 24, 2007

Flash Gordon

Our PM turned up to a conference event this evening and was really impressive. I've often thought that he's never seemed happy speaking in public when he has to work to the approved script and deliver his required jokes - essential, lest anyone think that he is the dour Scotsman. For a little while, though, he was speaking with passion about poverty and injustice and every word came from the heart, because these are things that have driven him in politics for thirty years and more.

Damn, but the man's good.

Gordon - let's see more of you like that.

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Bob Piper said...

He can be quite witty too. I once heard him recounted the story of his selection in Scotland to an unwinnable seat when he was a callow youth. He told the selection meeting he would do his best and give it a real go, when a little T&G man stood up at the back and said, "Laddie, if there was even the slightest chance of us winning this seat... we wouldna have chosen you."