Monday, September 24, 2007

Invasion of the bodysnatcher

We've been busy stealing the Tories clothes and with the visit of Baroness Thatcher to No 10, we're stealing their relics too.

The Sun currently have an open-topped bus and poster van tootling up and down in front of the conference centre demanding a referendum on the EU Treaty. Two things here. Firstly, the front of the centre is blocked off, so precisely no delegates will see it. Secondly, the bus is plastered with a huge picture of Gordon Brown's head superimposed on Churchill's body.

If I were Gordon, I'd probably be quite pleased with that image.

Very strong and impassioned speech from Gary Titley, criticising those who are demanding a referendum on the EU Treaty as being driven by a more general anti-Europeanism than any real challenge to the proposals. He also warned those on the left who have made common cause with the neo-cons that they faced being consumed by their natural enemies.

James Purnell started a little slowly, but got into his stride over the importance of culture and sport as an indicator of a healthy society and was quite visionary over proposing a massive expansion of sports coaching across the country in advance of the 2012 Olympics.

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