Monday, September 24, 2007

Trophy Cabinet

Quentin Davies turned up to his first conference as a Labour MP and carried on where he had left off in his resignation letter to David Cameron. No clunking fist here, but rather the thorough
application of a well-polished boot. He told us that the two PR guys who work for Cameron cost about £500,000 a year, but reminded Dave that 'you can't buy convictions from a spin-doctor.'

He praised Labour as the real One-Nation party and issued a clarion call to the 'decent Tories who care about the future of this country - take the plunge, come and join the Labour party!'

Cynics may question the time it took for Quentin to recognise the error of his ways and come into the light, but I welcome any sinner that repenteth.

It was a cracking performance and fully deserved the standing ovation.

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