Tuesday, October 02, 2007

An artist at work

Today's Guardian carries a reminder of the power of oratory as it took us back to the October revolution of 1985, when Neil Kinnock launched into the disgrace that was the Militant Tendency in Liverpool.

He reminded us that electoral victory is not achieved
'by pious faith or by dreams... [but by] working for it, planning for it, organising for it.'

'We know that power without principles is ruthless, sour, empty, vicious... We also know that principle without power is idle sterility.'

There are some senior politicians who would do well to revisit the lyricism, passion and rhetoric demonstrated by Neil, one of our great political speakers. Everybody else, remember those words as we head up towards the election. Whenever it comes, be ready, because we're in for a fight, no matter what the polls say.

Together we'll win it.


Bob Piper said...

Yes, Neil was good on lyricism, passion and rhetoric (if he could remember to keep it short), but both he and his successor but one never quite got a grasp of the power without principles bit.

Brummie Tory said...

Yeh he was a good speaker,actually he was an "Allllright" speaker!


Praguetory said...

Now that it looks like Brown is going to bottle November, I'll tell you why I think May is unwise for Labour. The fact that local elections will coincide makes your task so much harder. Not only are there a lot of voters who have got into the habit of voting Conservative but there will be a lot of sitting Conservative councillors in seats you need to retain who will be trying that little bit harder because their seat is at stake. Take Edgbaston. As well as a long-standing Tory PPC, you'll have maybe three sitting Conservative councillors facing you plus an energetic candidate in Quinton. Whilst Labour stand so weakly locally a May general election looks like folly.

May 2009 is your best bet.