Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lib Dem Spinning Lies

Whenever I've heard a Liberal Democrat on the radio or TV today, they've been anxious to point out how much they all adored Ming Campbell and Simon Hughes in particular has been blaming the media for Ming's shock decision to go.

This is frankly beyond belief.

As I noted yesterday, I don't doubt that if Ming had wanted to go, he would have announced the decision himself, rather than disappearing off back to Scotland and abandoning his colleagues to the press pack. Somebody - and the finger of suspicion points towards Huhne - told him that the game was up and that if he didn't do the decent thing, then the party would face a repeat of the Kennedy debacle. That's when Campbell decided that a quick exit would be more becoming than a slow death - although he remains 'irritated' by the course of events and, I suspect, by the lack of loyalty and support from his front bench team.

If it had been his choice to go, why spend the weekend with the party faithful proclaiming your intention to fight on until the next election?

Their problems are far deeper and won't be solved by replacing the man at the top. Unusually, I agree with Iain Dale that the best hope of the Liberal Democrats sustaining any kind of reasonably-sized parliamentary party is to seek an immediate return of Charlie Kennedy. He has a public profile and level of trust unmatched by any other Liberal Democrat.

They won't do it.

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