Saturday, October 06, 2007

Members Voice

In a move that ensures party involvement and also minimises the opportunity for complaint, I've learnt that in seats without a selected candidate, swift selection meetings will be held this week if the Boss decides to hit the button on Tuesday. Apparently Gordon is keen to ensure that members are involved in the process and that the party's national executive committee doesn't have to impose too many candidates.

Still no news on a decision - my personal view is that he will go for it. I think we are too far down the road now to stop. Everything is as ready as it can be, so I think on Tuesday, we will get the announcements of the comprehensive spending review, the pre-budget report and then Gordon will nip off to see HM.

I'm also putting a sly bet that his announcement of troop withdrawals from Iraq on Monday might be more dramatic than we expect. Another thousand to leave by Christmas, with a planned complete withdrawal over the course of the next twelve months?


skeal said...

Apparently Brown is shortly to announce there will not be one. In which case I refer you to the comment I made on the post of 30 September...

skeal said...

Betfair's new favourite is Jan-Jun 09, though it has to be said it has not really caught the imagination of the Betfair public.

I'm going to put a little more on Jan-June next year as I'm fairly confident Brown will entrench his lead in the coming months and go to the polls to coincide with the next round of local elections.

SimonK said...

OK, scratch that. Apparently Andrew Marr said he has effectively ruled out 2008 as well.

Moral: don't rely on PHUK or me for your betting tips.

PoliticalHack said...

We'll see about next year, although I agree that 09 looks like the best bet.

Throughout this, I've called it as I've seen it.

Brown made the final decision today, but it could have gone either way.