Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sharpen those knives kids!

Gordon may have denied us a general election, but a leadership change is definitely in the offing.
'The leader obviously has to do better, get better at getting the message across better, at getting the policy out better.'

No, not against Gordon, but Ming the Useless is apparently considering relaunching his leadership of the Liberal Democrats for the 392nd time and Simon Hughes is loyally backing him (right up until the opportunity presents itself for the knife to go in). This is a ship that appears to be holed below the waterline and is taking on water as fast as it is shedding voters. With the Lib Dems foundering in the polls at around 12% - which if replicated across the country would lead to a complete wipe-out of the parliamentary party. An unlikely event, but a lovely dream for many in both major parties. It certainly signals a major reversal for the Lib Dems at the next parliamentary election. As it happens, I'm not sure that replacing the leader will do the job. I suspect that the Lib Dems have performed the role of a safe receptacle for protest votes for the past decade. Now, the political weather has changed so that it is clear that fence-sitting will not be an option come the next election. Both Labour and Tory voters who may have drifted in the past will return to their natural homes and I continue to believe that the Liberal Democrats will find themselves seriously reduced at the next election - regardless of who leads them.

Just like December 2005, the briefers are out and about spreading the poison around for Campbell. History is just repeating itself now and I wonder if he'll make it into the New Year before the parliamentary party decide to no-confidence him.

Just as it did for Charlie, the clock is ticking. Everywhere he goes, Campbell now understands what he did to Kennedy and how insidious it really is. What goes around, comes around, Ming.

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