Sunday, December 16, 2007

Deja vu all over again

Cameron's failed to attract Lib Dems to join the Tories, so now he wants to replicate the Birmingham experience across the country and forge the two parties into a single Progressive Partnership Alliance to defeat Labour. Or 'decentralise British politics' as Dave puts it.

This plea might have had more impact after Clegg wins on Tuesday, but Charlie Kennedy was sober enough to jump on that idea:
'I don't see a great consensus between the leaders of the Tories and Liberal Democrats on Europe, for instance, we are in favour of the new EU treaty - they are against it.'
And Strictly Liberal Cable weighed in as well
'A Conservative party that wants to cut funding on public services and talks the talk on green issues but fails to deliver any meaningful policies has little to offer today's Britain... Only recently the Tories have revealed their true colours on environmental issues by supporting nuclear power and backing the expansion of major airports.'

Little to offer Britain, perhaps, but much (thousands of pounds at least) to offer Liberal Democrats in Birmingham, at least that's what we can take from their continued love-in with the service-cutting and anti-green Tories here.

Whether Clegg will take the same view after this week is a different matter. He's known to have been one of the LDs who were courted by the Tories earlier in the year, so will his leadership signal a drift to the right, or have the former and acting leaders tied his hands for a while?

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