Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Downfall II - mad about the boy

Having enjoyed the spectacle of the Gorgeous George Fan Club (the party formally known as Respect, the Dis-Unity Coalition) sub-dividing, amoeba-like, to produce two similar offspring, attention now shifts to the very far-right, where the BNP are also in freefall.

Fresh from his triumphant appearance at the Oxford Union, sponsored by a publicity-hungry President, Nick Griffin hasn't had the easy ride that he thought he might get from his members. Rumours of all sorts of shenanigans and impropriety are rife - depending on where you look. Financial accusations of all sorts are flying between different sides of the battle and Der Fuhrer is in real trouble. It all seems to stem for his undying support for his sidekick Mark Collett, a shaven-headed, callow youth, who has held various posts within the BNP and must know where the bodies are buried for Griffin to hang onto him, even as the membership abandon the sinking ship like rats. Activists are leaving the party in their dozens in protest, only just outpacing the rebel members who are being expelled by the leadership for assorted trumped-up offences and the few party employees left are on half pay. Whether this affects Griffin, holed up in his Newtown bunker in darkest Mid Wales, isn't clear, but the finances of the BNP make Enron look secure - the party is effectively bust.

Even the convicted drug dealer Jock Shearer (funny how the death sentence that the BNP demand for dealers translates into membership for their own - but I digress) has left his Fuhrer's side in the dying hours. He's not fled to Brazil, but back home to Oldham in disgust after BNP people raided a member's house and took away a computer, allegedly following taped telephone conversations between two senior members. This has even reached the ears of Labour's own John Cruddas, who has raised the matter in the House (under parliamentary privilege) and asked the police to investigate allegations of illegal bugging and theft.

The scandal even reaches into the West Midlands, as the nest of vipers turns on itself. Simon Darby, Griffin's loyalist right-hand man, is stalking around denying that there is a crisis, but the senior member in Birmingham, the be-ponytailed Rob Purcell - last seen leading a BNP-inspired demo in Acocks Green - has apparently also decided to mothball his brown shirt and not renew his subs to the BNP. If he's leaving, the end can't be far off for Griffin.

And all in time for Christmas.

I'll raise a glass to all that.


Kirklees Unity said...


Nice posting on the hilarious demise of the BNP.

For more on this see the Kirklees Unity Blog


Enjoy Xmas and the new year
Sit back and watch Griffin and co squirm

Brummie Tory said...

Yet another mention of Acocks Green. You really are showing your real colours John

PoliticalHack said...

I've been identified as so many people - is that really the best you can do?