Wednesday, December 26, 2007

King William's College Quiz

Maybe I've missed it in the Guardian over the past week or so, but they have had a tradition of publishing the fiendishly difficult quiz set for the students of King William's College on the Isle of Man. Apparently, the pupils can choose (it used to be compulsory) to sit the test at the end of the winter term and will universally fail - typically, they get a handful of right answers and spend the Christmas break researching the right answers for a resit in the New Year. Competition is tough and the question setter is known to Google his questions to check that the answers cannot be found with a Googlewhack.

So, if there are any others out there who have missed it - here's the quiz, hot from the college.

Cricket pops up on a regular basis and the question sections usually have a connection - a Hampshire city will help you in one and an NCO in another (I think). At first quick reading, I think I can muster around 20 answers without overworking the little grey cells.

If you haven't run across the quiz before, it is an ideal chance to revive brains wearied by the festive excesses of food, drink and shopping.


The answers typically appear around mid January.


Anonymous said...

Wikipedia is helpful though (on some categories)!

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