Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lib Dem Failures

I'm thinking of marketing a partwork which examines the Liberal Democrat manifesto of 2004 and shows just how far they've come from the plans that got them elected into a semblance of power. Remember that manifesto and the promises to
afford real priority to buses across the City using various advanced schemes for bus priority... reallocate road space for bus lanes.

Predictably, that's fallen by the wayside, as has so much of Liberal Democrat policy.

Another fight about to kick off is over the Tyburn Road bus lanes. Again.

There's a long list of things that Transportation Cabinet Member Cllr Len Gregory doesn't like, but near the top come 'bus lanes.' One of his first acts was to suspend the lanes along the Tyburn Road, which helped to cut bus use - predictably enough. This was to allow for consultation on their future - which has taken more than three years to progress. Even though most people have forgotten what a bus lane is, those who responded to the biggest ever consultation on a bus lane are pretty much equally divided over whether they should be restored or not.

Well, the decision isn't due until the spring, but it looks all but certain that Len will announce the closure of the lanes for good.

And yet again, that Hemming-signed promise to open up the council needs to be wheeled out.
The City is obsessively secretive and concentrates on keeping information about problems out of the public domain rather than acting to solve problems. This must change... It is only right that this process occur in the main in the public domain.'
It took over a year and a Freedom of Information Request to bring the results of that survey into the public domain, but the council is still refusing to release papers on the options available.

Of course, Tory councillor Timmy Huxtable, could yet make a difference and back up the support he gave to the Tyburn bus lanes during the campaign this year by signing the Birmingham FoE pledge - but I bet he won't.

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