Monday, January 28, 2008

Everybody out!

And so on February 5th, just in time to coincide with the council meeting, the Birmingham Council union workers will be called out on strike. The vote was as overwhelming as it was unsurprising - with three of the four unions seeing 70-80% of their voting members backing action and the fourth turning in a figure in the high 60s.

This isn't a return to the activism of the 70s, this is about ordinary union members - from different departments and many who have never even considered industrial action before - who have run into something so unfair and so unreasonable that they feel that they have no option. They want to be in work, earning money and serving the community, but they have been mistreated by their management and forgotten by councillors who claim to represent them. Their councillors will belittle them, indeed Cllr Fudge has already pointed out that
just around 10 per cent of staff - 4,462 people - have voted to strike.
Cllr Fudge, of course, misses the irony in his own eye, in that he doesn't question his own democratic legitimacy, with just 20% of the voters in Sutton Vesey thinking that he was the best man for the job. How wrong can you be?

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