Monday, January 28, 2008

Rock or dipstick?

Via Bob Piper, QuaeQuam sets a test for the potential mayor of London.

Think of your chosen candidate and imagine them handling the horror of 7/7. Whatever you may think of Ken, he dealt with it magnificently. Then think of Boris as the face of the city - this country. Trust me, he's no Giuliani.

Boris Johnson may be a genial buffoon who is good enough for the Tory donkey vote in the harmless pastures of Henley, where they don't care about his membership of the thuggish Bullingdon Club or his agreeing to assist the convicted fraudster Darius Guppy in his aim of giving a journalist a kicking. Perhaps they aren't that bothered by him referring to Africans as piccaninnies. Maybe they aren't concerned by the donations he's securing from developers or his interesting private life. That's fine and dandy for them, but the London mayoralty is bigger than that, with real power over the lives of Londoners and an influence over the country.

Being Mayor of London isn't about cracking jokes - it is about being the leader of a great, global city. By default, you become a major figure - you will have the largest personal mandate of any elected official in the UK, certainly.

And so far, there's been precious little to show that Boris is up to the job.

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