Thursday, January 31, 2008

Slugger hits out again

Punching below his weight, our beloved Cabinet Member for Housing shows why he has got his reputation as a Speak-your-Brains machine. John Lines expounds on asylum seekers...

Yet some scallywag, some scumbag can jump on the back of a lorry, come over under the tunnel and never expect to work a day in his [expletive] life. And if he's been here for a time waiting for a decision, we give him automatic British citizenship. The world's gone [expletive] mad.
What a fine representative of the Regressive Partnership, the Tory Party and of Birmingham.

Asylum seekers, of course, aren't allowed to work for their first 12 months and survive on a subsistence handout of just 70% of what we consider essential for the ordinary person. According to the Association of Chief Police Officers, they are no more likely to be offenders than anyone else (unlike a man who might assault a barman) - but why let facts get in the way of prejudice, eh? John, of course, has form when it comes to these sort of attitudes.

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Brilliant. Keep up the good work!