Thursday, January 31, 2008

Still fudging the issue

Apparently, the binmen in Birmingham are being offered a special deal to stop them going on strike next week. It seems that someone has reviewed their job evaluations and decided that since the 2004 changes to a district/constituency structure, they actually do a different and more onerous task that demands higher pay.

This has nothing to do with the fact that if and when the workers go out on strike, the uncollected rubbish will be the instantly visible sign of the council’s incompetence. Clearly, this couldn’t be a devious trick to avoid embarrassment by stuffing a few employees’ pockets with money – a bribe, if you will.

Aside from the fact that this may be illegal, as it could prolong inequality – which was the whole point of the Single Status review - a couple of questions remain unanswered about this welcome change of heart.

If the jobs are being reviewed, are there any other roles that might be similarly affected by the 2004 restructure and can they expect a similar group review?

If so, why was this missed when the framework was applied?

Why is the offer to the binmen time limited? Surely if their jobs have changed, that change will be ongoing?

Unsurprisingly, the unions have advised their members to reject the offer in the ballot, as this is a blatant attempt to divide and rule.

The Regressive Partnership is panicking.

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