Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who are you?

"How to maintain the security of a database with 4.5m people on it is one thing. Doing that for 60m people is another."

Home Office Minister Tony McNulty on proposals to create a truly national DNA database.

I quite agree. I wonder how many interrogations it has to cope with? The national fingerprint records system has around 6.5 million records and that has to be able to handle thousands of checks a month. According to Private Eye this week, the new system isn't able to handle even that.

Lucky we aren't thinking about creating a database with 60 million records that will be interrogated tens of thousands of times an hour, eh?

Oh. It appears we still are.

This will be Labour's poll tax unless we see sense now and scrap the whole ID card idea. The £2 billion (and more) saved could be better spent.

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Lee Griffin said...

It could fund 10 years of a piece of free fruit every day for all school age students ;)