Monday, March 03, 2008

Good news Monday

Unusually, I’m going to say something nice now.

Matthew Parris says that he regrets not coming out as gay while he was an MP – the first openly gay MP was Labour’s Chris Smith, subsequently a minister. Given the past record of Conservative party on gay rights, it is a genuine delight to see Alan Duncan, someone who I actually hold in reasonable regard, announce that he is to take a civil partnership. Alan was the first serving Tory MP to come out and that took until 2002 after ten years as an MP. He recognised this government’s role in changing the culture
You have to give some credit to Tony Blair and the Labour Party for that. They championed an agenda that has made life for a lot of people lots better. They have done a good thing.

So, raise a glass to Alan, who has the good fortune to represent a small slice of English perfection in Rutland and Melton, but has the embarrassment of being the Tory shadow minister for Tyneside. Now there’s a love which dare not speak its name.

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Simon said...

I grew up in his constituency. His homosexuality was always an open secret in the area, but on its becoming public knowledge I was worried that homophobic voters would slash his majority and expose Rutland and Melton as a heartland of bigotry and intolerance. Happily (and this is the only time I will ever say this of a Conservative MP) his majority actually increased. He is a very nice man and, unusually on the Conservative benches, a genuine liberal.