Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mad Nad - playing politics with ethics

Abortion votes are, by convention, not subject to party whip. This is an area of policy-making that is best kept out of the party political structure - witness the way the issue has polluted the political environment in the US.

Conservative MP (and member of the Tombstone group of right-wingers) Nadine Dorries has strong views in opposition to abortion and has enthusiastically leapt aboard the Alive and Kicking campaign which is highlighting MPs who have voted in favour of choice and have majorities under 5000. Curiously, the three she has picked on so far have all been Labour women - Laura Moffat, Barbara Follett and Jacqui Smith.

In the name of balance, here's a couple of equally vulnerable Tories that should draw her attention - and a Lib Dem as well.

Termination of Pregnancy Bill
Ben Wallace - Con, majority 4171
Mark Lancaster - Con, majority 1665
Lorely Burt - LD, majority 279

I hope that Nadine will feature these in future columns - I wouldn't want to think that she's exploiting a serious ethical issue for cheap political gain.

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Anonymous said...

I notice in her blog dated 11 Apr 08 Nadine stated the following: "Being of neither the pro-abortion or pro-life lobby." This is not strictly true Nadine is it.

When running as Conservative Candidate in Hazel Grove in 2001, under her maiden name (though married) of Nadine Bargery, Nadine made very clear pro abortion statements and expressed support for abortions. This may have had something to do with her running against, and trying to embarrass the pro life Labour candidate Martin Miller.

Since 2001 things have changed, including Nadine's name. So a new name, a new ideology, or rather a new opportunist statement in order to further her political career.

Her political advisers would have told her that there was an opportunity to kick start the pro life/pro choice debate in the UK, and introduce proven American tactics. These include subverting the majority into believing that medical evidence supports a reduction in the 24 week limit, and generally restricting the access of women to abortions. That Nadine ran with the hand of hope story in March on her blog is proof of this subversive campaign.

Nadine, put your political career aside, put your personal ambitions aside, put yourself aside, and thing of the damage you are doing as you play with peoples lives.

David Reeves
Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Mid Beds