Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What have the council ever given us?

Apart from schools, roads, rubbish collection, recycling, parks, social services, tourism support, planning, pest control, trading standards, street cleaning….

You get the idea. Iain Dale doesn’t.

He’s whinging
Ok, so I live in a larger than average house and earn more than average too, but I'm struggling to think what I get for my Council Tax beyond a fortnightly rubbish collection and a Police Service which thinks seven hours to come out after a burglary is quite acceptable
For those of you who missed the headline story, Kent police didn’t immediately send a major investigation team with armed response support to cover the theft of the lead from the roof of his outbuildings. Now he’s complaining that he has to pay more, even as he admits that he lives in a good house (one of the top two bands, certainly, if not the top-rated band) and earns a good wedge. Society costs, Iain.

Here’s the rub. Iain tells us that the (Conservative-invented) council tax charge on his home (under a Conservative council) is so high because of the Labour government. Yet, here in Birmingham, we’re told that the council tax increase of 1.9% is low because of the sheer financial nous of the Conservative/Liberal administration. (Nothing to do with the thumping great increases in central government funding, no sir)

They can't both be right.

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