Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boris is a thundering idiot

This week's Question Time replicated recent meetings between the three big candidates - Ken looks calm and statesmanlike, Boris disarmingly aggressive and apparently incompetent and Brian just plain irrelevant (I do feel sorry for Brian Paddick - he's going to be crushed beneath the Boris & Ken steamrollers and his only relevance is the destination of the second preference votes). I genuinely cannot understand how on earth anyone could not vote for Ken in the face of the buffoon that is Boris. Being mayor of London is not about chairing a half-hour comedy panel show once in a while - it is the biggest elected role in the country and an opportunity to do good or ill for 10 million people.

An example of Boris' inherent incomprehension of how things actually work is his belief that he'll negotiate a no-strike deal with the RMT. Now, short of stuffing their pockets with so much cash that the staff of the London Underground can't fit through the doors anymore, there is precisely no chance of Boris being able to dazzle them with enough charm to get them to abandon the ultimate weapon of any worker - withdrawal of labour. It really won't happen - not least because the RMT has drifted a long way to the left. Boris even accused Ken of defeatism over the issue because the Labour Party is funded by the RMT. First off, Ken's being realistic. Secondly, the Labour Party expelled the RMT back in 2004 because they didn't necessarily want to support Labour candidates.

The man really has no idea.

It would be a disaster for London and for the country for Boris to win on May 1.

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