Saturday, April 26, 2008

Council-sponsored fascism

Top marks and a tip of a well-turned-out bowler hat to Pete at West Brom Blogger for his revelation that the band in a Sandwell St George's Day parade is, well, a far-right group whose former leader served time for gun-running to the 'loyalists' in Northern Ireland. Pete's pointed out before that the BNP have hijacked the parade to spread their particular brand of English exclusivity - the Fuehrer Nick Griffin even turned up one year and applauded the 'lack of Asians' in the 'ethnically English' parade.

I have no problem with celebrating St George's Day - I just believe that we should celebrate England in all its glorious forms and ethnic origins. Your colour or your religion don't define whether you're English - nor does the 'cricket test.' If you sign up

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