Friday, May 30, 2008

Chutzpah in extremis

There was once a young man who murdered both his parents and then begged for the court's mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan. That, dear reader, is chutzpah.

In the ever-fertile ground that is Nadine Dorries blog - remember that she is a Tory MP and therefore people actually voted for this fool - grows this little gem.

When we closed down our mines, forever, Germany kept theirs ticking over, so that if necessary they could be 're-booted' in the future. Which they have been. Makes sense as technology has provided us with the ability to extract all the harmful chemicals from coal to provide a clean burn. France went nuclear. Three
quarters of France’s energy is met by nuclear power. So, just thinking along the lines of economic competitiveness, does being almost totally dependent on fuel imports put us at a disadvantage? Do you think that just maybe someone in this place may suggest it's time to end the culture of short termism?

I'd love to answer you, Nad - but you don't allow comments. Frit, are we?

It was a number of years ago, but can anyone remember which party put the boot into the coal mines? And which PM led the charge? Come on, you lot at the back. When Nad says 'we' - she means it.

For any Tory MP to come back now and suggest that this might have been a mistake is actually insulting to those mining communities who were destroyed by the Thatcher years and the vindictiveness of the Conservative party.

Oh and Nad - the technology to cope with stripping out the sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and the particulates from burning coal does exist, but capturing the carbon dioxide emissions has proved more challenging. Even if it can be made to work reliably within a decade or so, the costs may make even fiendishly-expensive nuclear power more cost-effective and our need for core, reliable power is increasingly urgent. Even John Howard, the former conservative prime minister of Australia, accepts this, although George Bush continues to push the clean coal agenda.

You really should spend less time with those Bushite neocons.

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