Thursday, May 15, 2008

Forwards in Conservatism

Birmingham City Council have a free newspaper, which is delivered to some households in the City and dumped under a few hedgerows as well. You will recall that for years, the Liberal Democrats planned to scrap it, but once they and the Tories scrambled into power in 2004, they realised the power of propaganda and a new contract was duly signed. You may also remember that it is supposed to be a politically-neutral publication - which is why Albert Bore has become accustomed to having his budget response spiked.
So, imagine my shock when I read Mike Whitby's column in the current issue - always a cure for insomnia, telling the readership that the elections were a vote of confidence for the ruling partnership and burbling on about other successes (sic) of the Regressive Partnership.
Surely this has to be an abuse of an apolitical publication?


Pete Tyler said...

This is what they used to call "propaganda on the rates". It's impossible to open this rag without finding the fizzog of one cabinet member or another jumping out of the page and startling the unwary reader.

The council has a legitimate right to circulate information to residents about what it is up to, but not political commentary - particularly when it's us taxpayers who are footing the bill for it!

Nibbs said...

we had the old lib dem campaign against the free council newspaper when Labour ran the council.Three years after the lib dems took control the mag is still there, funny that.